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A Multi–discipline Development Consultancy

RDC was formed in 2003 by founding Director Adrian Stevenson in response to growing concern for the lack of quality service and value being offered to the house building industry. The RDC mission is to deliver a robust, reliable, high quality service backed by commercial acumen and excellent value.

RDC rapidly gained a strong reputation for the consistent ability to design and deliver larger scale housing development planning consents, linked with a growing house builder client base. RDC embraced the need to design efficient and attractive layout design, with the ability to proactively negotiate planning consents within the shortest timeframe possible. Urban Design and Planning are at the heart of our business.

As the company sustainably expanded, RDC began to focus upon wider disciplines in response to client feedback and the companies growing relationships with land owners, preferred management partners and registered social landlords. Thus bringing land owners and developers together, in order to deliver Affordable and Partnership Housing, in addition to higher level Bespoke Private Housing and mixed-use projects.

The Company today proudly delivers large scale housing, bespoke private housing, affordable housing and varied mixed-use or special projects, through its dedicated in-house professional team.

Maintaining and improving the character, quality, inclusivity and setting of the built environment is vital. Our prevailing philosophy to drive up the quality of design to improve all aspects of the built environment, considers local-context of primary importance in achieving desired results.

Creating attractive dwellings centred on the specific needs of their occupier. Highly desirable places in which to live, work and invest. RDC has a steadfast reputation of upholding high standards of design and conservation.

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