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Pineham, Northampton

Client: David Wilson Homes
Project: 176 dwellings, private and affordable

This was a greenfield site to the south west of Northampton adjacent to the A43 and benefitting from frontage to the Grand Union Canal.

The layout was formed around perimeter blocks, allowing the public spaces and streets to be supervised and framed by attractive and active facades.

The density spread across the site was graded with the denser areas adjacent to the A43 situated behind a noise bund and the low density areas forming a frontage to Grand Union Canal.

A number of community spaces were designed into the scheme, combining to create a framework of spaces seeking to deliver a softer, greener environment.

A network of highway, lanes and paths radiate from the central features areas to provide connectivity with the surrounding open space, creating a permeable form of development that is both functional and legible.

Following grant of planning consent RDC produced the working drawing package.

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