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Urban Design

RDC work with developers, private individualsĀ  and house builders both local and national. We work on small and large schemes, private and affordable housing. Our service can be tailored to your requirements from feasibility layout design all the way through to planning consent.

We have a unique team with many years experience of producing the highest quality design. Whilst we drive to create places of distinction and character, we are respectful to the individual project commercial requirements. At RDC we work closely with our clients to ensure that budget and mix requirements are fully respected within the creation of our private housing schemes.

We have a proven track record of generating urban design solutions that promote a strong sense of place, legibility, ease of movement, safety and security. What sets us apart from many other Consultants, is our recognition of the commercial influences upon a development and the need to ensure that our design solutions respect the fundamental commercial requirements of a project. This comes from our understanding of the industry and the influencing market conditions. Our urban design solutions will therefore provide value for money to our client.

Strong communication and consultation is vital to the success of any development proposal and the ultimate delivery of a successful place making that balances the associated commercial, physical, social, planning, policy and statutory requirements. RDC promote proactive discussions and collaboration between the various parties, to produce a shared vision and programme of action for the development. This proactive, structured process greatly assists with the optimum efficient delivery of planning permissions, a strong track record of which we are very proud.

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