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Halloween Site Visit!

What a site to visit on Halloween…Directors Simon Copson & Guy Siragher went to assess this historic building for a potential conversion project! The building’s past use was a carpet factory having first been used in 1884, although has now been lain untouched for the past 2 decades – and sits in a state to suit!

Built into the local stone, the building also has a network of hand-dug underground tunnels used as shelters during the War…and a historic passageway to other local heritage buildings! Spooky!

We’re considering at a potential conversion of the building into a mixed-use scheme including residential across 5 storeys, but looking to retain the site’s historic nature, heritage considerations and value to the local community…

We’re also looking for potential developers to take this forward post planning – circa 60 apartments, in a town centre location STP. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are interested!