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Here at RDC, we provide a range of services to housing developers, private landowners, and development companies.

Please click on one of the services below to find out more. If you are looking to speak to a member of the RDC team to discuss your project, please get in touch here.


Our developer tailored work serves as the backbone of the business here at RDC. With our extensive experience in construction and housebuilding sector, our team has a wide range of experience and knowledge to help, from the initial design of the new development through to project delivery.


Our bespoke project management service is aimed at private landowners and small sized developers. We offer our extensive experience covering a wide range of services to get your project off the ground. We work with schemes of all sizes from the conceptual stage to site completion.


Our Direct Delivery approach provides a ‘one-stop shop’ for the delivery of your building project. Leading on from our Bespoke Projects service, our approach is tailored for private individuals and landowners whose objective is to get their projects out of the ground, into development and completion.