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All Change In Planning Policy – Commentary

In a recent recent article released by the Property Reporter on 30th January 2023, it discussed the changes in the planning arena for 2022 and what this means as we move swiftly in 2023.
We asked Director; Guy Siragher, for his thoughts on this recent article;

“We’ve seen this post on upcoming planning policy changes – of particular interest is changes to the Environment Act and the implications of Biodiversity Net Gain. We’re seeing on a number of sites that the implications of BNG – even to the current less stringent level – is starting to prove a further barrier to development. Although the principles behind BNG are sound and are hugely welcomed in this rapidly changing world, a requirement to provide a 10% BNG is likely to have significant viability implications on a number of immediately deliverable housing sites and the infrastructure available in order to deliver a Net Gain is massively lagging behind”

Guy added “A lack of offsetting sites available through Local Authorities – and incomplete mechanisms to assist in their delivery – is proving to be a real challenge to development, and we really hope this policy change is thought through fully with appropriate supporting infrastructure being put in place before being fully implemented, to ensure our development is sustainable both now and into the future”