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Life at RDC as a new starter

I sit here writing this five months into my new role at RDC as a Design Technician, I feel comfortable and confident enough to talk about RDC as a company and the benefits, knowledge and support that comes with being the newest member of the team.

I was delighted when I was offered this role in August 2022. I was due to start September 2022 and as the time drew nearer, I grew increasingly nervous and anxious to begin my first professional job in a professional setting. My job role is, Design Technician, which in short, means I am responsible for altering AutoCAD drawings per client request and drawing new working drawings for new site projects.

On my first day I quickly realised there was no need to feel nervous as the team where very welcoming and encouraged me to feel at ease. All of the Directors encouraged me to ask questions to ensure I knew fully what was expected of me and I felt comfortable enough to tackle tasks and complete them correctly. Of course, as a new starter, mistakes are going to happen! My work is always thoroughly checked before it’s delivered to our clients and anything which needs altering is passed back to me to resolve. All of the team are incredibly patient and take mistakes as an opportunity to learn and improve my knowledge in both AutoCAD and the real-life construction of the projects we work on for our clients.

As my confidence grew, I have started communicating directly with clients, all of whom have a great relationship with RDC. Client/consultant relationship is a vital part to the success of a business like ours. With this in mind prioritising and time management of each project is crucial. We ensure each project has the required time and attention to ensure each task is completed to full success.

Not only is the work important but making sure the client is always up to date with progress, potential issues, alterations to drawings and new ideas is very important. Any queries we may have with a drawing is always communicated back to the client with a method which may help solve whatever the query may be. This allows for us to have a transparent relationship with our clients whist achieving the desired result for both parties involved.

All in all, working at RDC and starting my professional career has been a huge learning curve and has allowed me to see how a professional businesses, like RDC, runs and how to effectively communicate with clients and my fellow team members. I have already learned a tremendous amount ranging from AutoCAD design, technical construction, and my own personal communication skills and confidence.

RDC has improved my personal confidence both from encouragement from my team and Directors along with the opportunity to ask questions no matter how small or ridiculous they may seem!

Be sure to reach out to the our team if you have any questions or would like to discuss the planning and pre-construction process.

We have plenty of high-quality case studies which gives a further insight into the work we do here at RDC!

Georgia Johnson
Design Technician of RDC

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